Did you know that … GBN-AGR washes the sand and the rubber because…

After the sand and (possibly) rubber is removed from the artificial grass mat, a mix of infill remains. This infill may consist of sand (stabilisation infill) and SBR/EPDM/TPE/cork (performance infill).

This infill has been lying on the artificial grass pitches for around 10 years on average. During this period the infill may contain impurities that have come from the environment and/or as a result of leaching.
GBN Artificial Grass Recycling (AGR) has therefore deliberately opted for a “wet process” in order to separate and clean the types of infill.
After this process, more than 99.9% pure monostreams remain.

Once again, the sand infill meets the highest standard (category AW) and can therefore be used freely, for example as circular infill in new artificial grass fields!

After the process, the performance infill (often rubber granulate) is stripped of fine particles and other impurities. This material can also be used as circular infill or as a circular raw material in various products.

Would you like more information about our process and our circular raw materials? Then please contact us on kunstgras@gbn.nl