Did you know that……GBN AGR was set up by and for the market!

Recycling artificial grass in a clean, safe and circular way? …. in 2018 this still seemed impossible in The Netherlands. An enormous artificial grass mountain had been created that could not be processed in a responsible manner. This was very inconvenient for the market, the artificial grass suppliers and contractors and it had already been suggested in some local councils that artificial grass should no longer be used at all on Dutch sports pitches.  Action had to be taken at market level.

While primary materials remain cheaper, market forces will not stimulate circular production. Long-term collaboration within the chain was necessary to make the production of artificial grass circular.

The Alliance of collaborating artificial grass suppliers and contractors was set up in early 2019 on the initiative of GBN Group. Chain partners GBN, Antea Sport, EdelGrass, Ten Cate Grass Group, CSC Sport, Greenfields, Domo Sports Grass and Sports & Leisure Group entered into the collaborative partnership under the name GBN Artificial Grass Recycling (AGR). Setting up this partnership provides artificial grass suppliers with the guarantee that their end-of-life artificial grass mats will be disposed of in a transparent, circular and responsible manner.

Our mission is to keep our earth sustainable and to make sure there are sufficient raw materials available for current and future generations. GBN-AGR’s process means that there is a 100% circular solution for recycling artificial grass as new high-quality circular raw materials and for reusing it to produce new artificial grass mats, among other things.

GBN-AGR set up by and for the market!