First EcoCept e-layer installed in Spain with RTA from GBN-AGR

Although the artificial grass season has come to an end in the Netherlands, in sunny countries there are still plenty of sports pitches under construction.

One example of this is in Spain at the Vivar Téllez Stadium in Málaga; a new artificial grass pitch has been installed here with an EcoCept Performance Sports Base.

The Ecocept Performance Sports Base is an innovative type of porous base layer, specially developed for use under artificial grass pitches. Ecocept can be used as a combined structural layer and shock pad and guarantees a stable surface to reduce player load. EcoCept is made from recycled rubber granulate and recycled artificial grass and  therefore also has less impact on the environment.

The recycled artificial grass (RTA) was supplied by GBN Artificial Grass Recycling (AGR). After the artificial grass mat has been stripped of its infill, the mat is shredded, sieved and processed into an agglomerate. We call this agglomerate RTA (Recycled Turf Agglomerate).
Het RTA is a processable granule used in products such as EcoCept or various synthetic products.